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This volleyball t shirt design is a cute t shirt that I can totally relate to.  On the court, sometimes I feel like a puppy who sees you toss a play toy and help herself from diving after it.  Yeah, I'm in my 40s now and I still love diving for those balls! 

I dive volleyball t shirtThis stick figure is extra cute because you can't tell if the player is going to make the play or not, but it sure is trying.

This volleyball t shirt is made of durable and soft, preshrunk 100% cotton. It comes in light blue, peach and pink

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volleyball t shirt design - I dive in peachvolleyball t shirt design - i dive in light blueSizes are S, M, L, XL and 2XL and all purchases are 100% guaranteed.

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volleyball t shirt design - are you really trying in peachWe love this volleyball t shirt design!   Are you really trying?  How many times as a kid did you play a game with an older sibling or parent and feel disappointed because you thought he/she was just letting you win? Or, were you ever winning so bad at some game that you got cocky about it? 

Well, I remember getting cocky once. In fact, I know that was why, one day in the 6th grade, a girl followed me after school and tried to fight me – and luckily I got home fast enough and that never happened!   In the spirit of fun competition though, this shirt is all attitude! 

volleyball t shirt design - are you really trying? in bluevolleyball t shirt designs - are your really trying in pink


It is 100% cotton, in standard fit, and comes in pink, peach and light blue. Please click on the image to see this shirt in each of those colors.

Sizes are S, M, L, XL, 2XL.   100% Guaranteed. Prices vary, and sales happen often at Cafe Press.  Please click on the image of the shirt to check the current price on it.  If you wish to purchase it, just add it to your cart from there.

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